Healthcare organizations in Illinois are participating in a wide range of innovation projects in an effort to create new models of healthcare delivery and to improve healthcare quality and patient safety. The Practice Workgroup of the Illinois Healthcare Action Coalition is seeking your help in creating a repository of information about these innovation projects. This online repository will support the dissemination of healthcare innovations across Illinois.

If you are interested in submitting a project to the Innovation Repository read this section.

Each summary should be no longer than one page (bullet points are helpful in organizing the summary) and must include information for a contact person who can answer the questions of others about the project.

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Rush Oak Park - Implementing the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)

A pilot Centered on Innovation, Efficiency, and Excellence on the Telemetry Unit (being expanded to Med/Surg).

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ACA: Insurance Reimbursement for Lactation Services and Breast Pumps for Professionals

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Springfield Clinic – Implementation of HITECH Act

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Northwest Community Healthcare - Liaison In Nursing Care Transitions Program

A nurse-driven organizational partnership with local area skilled nursing facilities to ensure continuity of quality outcomes for older adult patients as they transition between the hospital and extended care continuum.

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